lochbroom Pottery - Handthrown Stoneware

Lochbroom Pottery sign at the Loggie studio, near Ullapool

Lochbroom Pottery produces stoneware with a unique flare. Every piece is handmade and shows individual character created by traditional craft techniques gained from years of experience.

Lochbroom Pottery stoneware bowls Lochbroom Pottery focuses on functional pieces such as dinner sets, crock pots, teapots, mugs, and so much more. Stoneware clay is high fired to vitrification at 1260 degrees centigrade to eliminate porosity, thus allowing the pieces to be used in the oven, freezer   dishwasher and microwave. 

We also make gift items, being locally well known for our wall plaques, ornamental pieces and gifts. Our range continues to evolve with passing time as new glazes and styles are added to our collection.
In addition each piece is individually hand signed by Emma Bisson.

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